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Knowledge Management and FAQ

Knowledge Management and FAQ

Knowledge management (KM) is a key area of differentiation for all use cases. The knowledge portal enables users to resolve simple incidents themselves. NSDX tools create knowledge bases for relevant, updatable content that is useful for IT and business users.

NSDX’s KM delivers and provides;

  • Categorization and search tool for resolutions.

  • Faster to solve incident or problem with the ranking resolutions such as Most Resolved, Popular, and New Released knowledge base.

  • Clear and common understanding of the value provided by services.

  • Work log which allows technician to log event that has been diagnosed and solved.

  • Log file or screenshot which provides a clear picture of the problem.

  • Resolution area which enables technician to log how the problem was solved.

  • Forum for sharing knowledge base.

  • More efficient services with improved quality.

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