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NetkaQuartz Service Desk X Features

AD-HOC Report

NSDX provides a flexible tool for create and customize ad-hoc report your own needs. New report can be created by add new chart, Tabular view, select/unselect fields and also can be shared as Private or Public.

Alert and Notification

NSDX can notice or alert to IT manager, staffs or users with defined alert template when an event type is triggered

Incident Management

An incident is an unplanned interruption of an IT service, or a reduction in the quality of an IT service. Failure of a configuration item that has not yet impacted services is an incident as well. The purpose of Incident Management is to restore the service as quickly as possible, and to minimize the adverse impact on business operations.

Knowledge Management and FAQ

Knowledge management (KM) is a key area of differentiation for all use cases. The knowledge portal enables users to resolve simple incidents themselves. NSDX tools create knowledge bases for relevant, updatable content that is useful for IT and business users.

Problem Management

The key objectives of Problem Management (PM) are to prevent and eliminate the recurring incidents. PM includes the diagnosing causes of incidents, determining the resolution, and ensuring that a resolution is implemented. PM also manages the known errors to minimize the impact of incidents and problems.

Self-Service Request

Service request is important for organizations focused on providing business users with a convenient way to interact with the IT team by presenting incident and request tracking services, IT components and IT services in the form of an orderable service catalog.

Service Level Management

SLM negotiates and/or agrees the appropriate IT service targets according to the business needs, and then monitors and produces reports on delivery, against the agreed level of service or Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Smart Dashboard

NSDX dashboard provides a smart and easy to use tool for create and customize dashboard as your own profile. It can be drilled-down to see more insights, also using drag-and-drop a widget to monitor your specific views.

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